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AC Combiner Boxes

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  • Ebrit A3 View Detail AC Combiner Box 800V DC
      • Enclosure Material : CRCA/Galvalume
      • Ingress Protection : 54/55/65/66
      • Operational Voltage : Up-to 800VAC
      • Insulation voltage : Up to 1000VAC
      • Max operating current : 630A AC
      • Internal Bus Bar : Aluminium / Copper
      • Input Method : Double Compression Nickel Plated Cable Gland
      • Output Method : Double Compression Nickel Plated Cable Gland
      • 800V AC MCCB for input protection (Thermal Magnetic/Microprocessor)
      • 800V AC Isolator/MCCB for output protection (optional*)
      • Tested & Certified as per IS & IEC 61439 Standard